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Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel available and offers a reliable and abundant domestic fuel that meets growing energy demands.

Since natural gas is the best energy value in America, you can save money using it for your appliance and heating needs.  Lexington Utilities offers many rebates to both homeowners and businesses.  There are rebates for appliances, conversions and for contractor installations.  A special discounted natural gas rate called Natural Choice is available if you qualify with specific appliances in your home.  Let us show you how Natural Gas can save you money and help you become a more earth friendly energy user. 

Uses for natural gas include primary heat, space and water heating, ranges, grills, fireplaces, and spa or pool heaters. Now, you can even fuel your vehicle with natural gas. Studies reveal many benefits of natural gas making homes more valuable and a quicker resale. Natural gas furnaces last twice as long as electric heat pumps and provide a heat source much warmer.

"Natural gas is the cheaper, cleaner, greener alternative to other fuels."  Next time you replace an appliance in your home, please contact Marketing about replacing it with a natural gas appliance. You may be able to save money on your utility bill, and possibly qualify for our rebate program! 

Last updated: 7/26/2012 10:34:36 AM